4x11 Catch Me If You Can - synopsis

A NEW DANGERJeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is furious when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) tries to control him by putting Matt’s (Zach Roerig) life in danger. Damon (Ian Somerhalder) coaches Jeremy as he prepares to take on Klaus’ new vampires, but they find that Kol (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) has beaten them to it. Kol makes it clear that he will stop at nothing to convince everyone to give up the search for the cure. Looking for a new ally, Rebekah (Claire Holt) reminds Stefan (Paul Wesley) that they were once close friends. When Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre) and Mayor Hopkins (guest star Rick Worthy) question Shane (guest star David Alpay) about his involvement in the Founders’ Council deaths, Bonnie (Kat Graham) steps in with questions of her own, and Shane’s responses push Bonnie to the edge of her powers. Elena (Nina Dobrev) negotiates with Klaus to keep Jeremy safe, but when danger suddenly appears from a totally unexpected enemy, Elena comes up with her own daring plan for Jeremy. John Dahl directed the episode written by Brian Young & Michael Narducci.


In Season 4, Episode 11, “Catch Me If You Can,” Klaus is still very interested in Jeremy’s hunter progress. Being the impatient hybrid that he is, Klaus uses Matt as bait to spur little Gilbert’s training. Good thing Damon has been teaching the hunter new tricks.  

Klaus has prepped a bunch of vampires for Jer to fight (and, presumably, kill), but Kol p ops up, extremely unsupportive of everyone’s “get the cure” cause. Meanwhile, Elena wants to keep her bro out of harm’s way, so she tries to strike a deal with the Original hybrid. A surprising new enemy makes her rethink the negotiation and come up with another plan. (Elena’s plans always work out, so we’re not worried.)
Parent-teacher conference! Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Hopkins want to know more about shady Professor Shane, thinking he may have something to do with the Founder’s Council explosion. (Still investigating that, Liz? Good for you.)

Bonnie is suddenly suspicious of the dude who’s been slipping her herbal refreshment for weeks and confronts Shane. Something crazy happens with her powers when he answers her questions. 

Maybe Stefan really does prefer blonds? First he was hanging with Caroline, and now Rebekah wants to be his partner in crime. 

So... what happened to April?