TVDCastet @ Las Vegas Convention den 13 april

I lördags (13 april) var Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Torrey DeVitto, Arielle Kebbel och Charlie Bewely på Las Vegas Convention i Las Vegas, Nevada.
För underbara!

Bilder från DragonCon

Hittade lite bilder från DragonCon:


Teen Choice Award 2012 - The Vampire Diaries

Bilder på TVD från TCA.

Otur för J-Mor att han inte vann, men vi hoppas på nästa år som han!

Bilder från Comic Con panelen

Källa och fler bilder

San Diego Comic Con party 2012

San Diego Comic Con party 2012
Ian, Nina och Family Guy-skaparen Seth MacFarlane

Insurgence 4 - video

Världens lyckligaste tjej!

Insurgence 4 - hightlights

Day 1 - Insurgence 4

~ Steven carried Nate onto the stage piggyback ride!

~ Ian: We look forward to... Paul: Making out with you... Ian: Is that alright with you guys?

~ Ian: What did the brown chicken say to the brown cow? Paul: Brownchickawowwow.

~ Paul doing a beat box

~ Paul did the Damon dance wrong so Ian corrected him.

~ Ian: Paul you are my nightmare.

~ Ian: I got this tattoo in prison Paul: His cellmate Bubba did it. It says 'Ian is my bitch'

~ Fan ask Paul to do a Stefan! Paul: be careful what you wish for!

~ Ian said he choked when he met Barack Obama

~ Paul wants to stroke justin biebers face.

Paul: The biebs....I'd stroke his face. Isn't he like twelve? I'm stroking a twelve year olds face. Come home with me biebs. Paul is planning to pull Justin Bieber.

~ What's your favourite fragrance? Paul: Ian Somerhalder's sweat.

Paul & Ian rub up against each other to smell nice.

~ The first concert paul wesley went to was no doubt ended up breaking his arm trying to touch gwen stefanis hand

~ If they were given a chance to write a tvd episode they want to shoot on a caribbean islamd gettin johnny depp to guest star

~ If they could have any vampire power they wud both want to be able to compell.

~ Ian: I'm wearing Lapis Lazula Paul: That's sooooo lame

~ Ian took his jacket off and everyone screamed and Paul thought it was cause of his answer!

~ Paul says fav part of doing tvd is getting to do flashbacks.

~ Fan: "What's your favourite moment on set?" Ian: "When I take my make-up off and leave." Paul: "When I put my make-up on!"

~ Nate and Claire waved at eachother and then blew eachother kisses across the room and caught them

~ Claires funniest moments on set is playing around with klaus and her other original brothers.

~ Claire Holt enjoys time on set most with Joseph Morgan because they're constantly laughing and messing around.

~ "Who is the better kisser, Ian or Paul?" Claire- " They are both equally spectacular kissers.

~ The scene where Alaric staked Klaus was the hardest scene for Claire to film. Feeling is mutual Claire. It was hardest for us to watch.

~ Claire's a Klaroline shipper.

~ Claire adores filming with Joseph and wants Klaus & Rebekah to stick together.

~ If Claire was in Elena's position she'd choose Stefan.

~ Nate hates French and did his Scottish, Irish and American accents.

~ Nate's favourite film is Pirates of the Carribean and his room is tribute to his fav movie.

~ If Nate wasnt an Actor he wanted to be a Pirate.

~ Nate auditioned for the role of Stefan and lost it to Paul. They were last two guys standing in an Audition room.

~ Nate proposed to a fan and bit one! And Steven stripteases!

~ Nate would choose Andrew Garfield to play him in a film of his life. And Nate is single.

~ Nate's fave scene was when he beat the living hell out of Damon. he loves working with Ian.

~ Nate wants a flashback to when Klaus staked Kol.

~ Nate wants a girl next door type of girlfriend.

~ Nate's favourite animal is a poodle.

~ Nate wishes he could kiss Elena whilst Damon is in the room. 

~ "I work to make my mom proud." -Nate

~ "Your dreams will never chase you, you need to chase your dreams" - Nate

~ Steven and Nate kissing the cheek of a fan and Nate singing ‘Beautiful’ by James Blunt.

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Insurgence 4 - bilder

Har hittat lite material från Insurgence 4 och jag ska dela upp dom i 3 inlägg: Bilder, highlights och videos.

Jag laddar upp alla bilder i miniatyr så att de inte blir förstörda av designen.
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TVD Crimson Sky Convention i Vienna

Lite bilder från TVD Crimson Sky Convention i Vienna:

The Vampire Diaries - bilder

Kommande event

Var: Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, England
När: Juni 22, 23, & 24, 2012
Gäster: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Claire Holt, Malese Jow, Steven R. McQueen, Nathaniel Buzolic
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Var: Nîmes, Frankrike
När: July 2 & 3
Gäster (osäkert): Daniel Gillies, Matt Davis, Steven R. McQueen, Julie Plec
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The Vampire Diaries - events

San Diego Comic Con 2012

Som om man inte kan få nog av alla event som kommer så blir det ett till! Den här gången är det San Diego Comic Con den 12-15 juli 2012.
Vampire Diaries-skådespelarna Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley och Ian Somerhalder är bekräftade att komma. Julie Plec och Kevin Williamson kommer även att delta.
Men det är inte det enda! Den nya serien "Cult" kommer också att vara med (fast en dag innan) och då kommer Matt Davis (Alaric) att vara där!
Comic Con 2011

PS: Jag tipsar verkligen om att ni ska följa om ni gillar Paul Wesley! (som jag)

The Vampire Diaries - events