4x22 The Walking Dead - rollista [SPOILRERS]

På vampirediaries.wikia.com så finns det en rollista till avsnitt 4x22, "The Walking Dead". Och det verkar som om vi kommer få se mer än ett par bekanta ansikten.
Klicka på bilden för att få se den i större version.
Klaus och Tyler kommer tydligen inte tillbaka.

Joseph Morgan om botemedlet och vem som tar det

“I mean, when I read the finale the main thing I wanted to know is, 'Who's going to get the cure?' That's what I was the most excited about — who on earth is going to get the cure?
I can tell you it's not what you think. I can tell you that it's going to be... I think it's going to be a surprise for everyone. It certainly took me unawares.”
Så det är inte någon som vi tror att det kommer vara. Alltid ska det vara plot-twists och överraskningar!

Första titten från säsongsfinalen

TVGuide har släppt en exklusiv bild från säsongsfinalen på Elena och Damon.
Hur kan man förklara det där ansiktsuttrycket egentligen?
Julie Plec säger:
"We have a lot of questions on the table about Elena. Is she stuck this way forever? Is she ever going to turn her humanity back on? If she does, will the sire bond be back in effect or gone? If it's gone, what are her feelings for Damon vs. her feelings for Stefan? The whole season has been trying to get Elena back to who she was, so everything will be answered in the finale."
Svaren får vi i säsongsfinalen!

Julie Plec om säsongsfinalen

Julie Plec säger att det finns en chans att gänget missar examen, eller att den till och med blir inställd. Men Caroline tänker inte gå med på det.
“Come hell or high water, hell will freeze over before I let anybody cancel graduation.” - Caroline
“The instinct to miss graduation is going to be on [everyone's] minds because there’s greater things afoot,” säger Julie. “And Caroline, as we know, finds these moments and high school events very precious and gets very angry when anybody tries to mess with them.”

Julie Plec om avsnitt 22 och 23

Säsong 4, Avsnitt 22, "The Walking Dead"

Bonnie och Silas: Julie Plec berättar för TVLine att gänget kommer att “race to get Silas out of the picture. … The consequences of his plot and what Bonnie has to do to try and stop his plot then live on in the finale."
Spöken:  Åt minstonde en, om inte 10 bekanta ansikten kan framträda, säger Julie.

Säsong 4, Avsnitt 23, "Graduation"
Plats: Examen
BotemedletNågon kommer att ta det, och Julie säger, "the implications of what that means will be a great story to tell next year.”
The cliffhangers: Det är två som kommer att "send the show spinning in a whole new direction."
Triangeln: Julie retas, "We will know, when the finale is over, where everyone stands in the context of the Stefan/Damon/Elena triangle. It will definitely set all three of them on a very different and interesting path when we move forward."
Kärlek? “When all is said and done,” säger Julie, “it's got some pretty good romantic moments."
Död? "I cannot comment on permanent deaths, but I will say there will be lots of destruction," erkänner hon.
Så vi har väääääldigt mycket att se fram emot!

Kommer Silas plan att fungera? [SPOILERS]

Vid det här laget så vet alla att Silas inte är att bråka med. Inte ens alfahannen Klaus var stark nog att kämpa emot honom. Nu tror genierna på Wetpaint att hans plan kommer att fungera och de ger oss tre bevis:
1. Steven R. McQueen återvänder.
Det kan bara vara ett av Silas tricks men man vet ju aldrig!
2. Arielle Kebbels ledtråd.
I TVD Chicago Convention i helgen så berättade Arielle Kebbel att Stefans bästis kan återvända till Mystic Falls snart. Vi har ju inget emot det!
3. Julie Plec lovade ett storslaget avslut.
I säsongsfinalen så kommer vårt kära gäng att ta examen. Men enligt Julie Plec så kommer det att hända samtidigt som en kritisk övernaturlig händelse.
Betyder det att andra sidan försvinner och vi får tillbaka alla våra favoriter som har bitit i gräset under dessa fyra utmattande säsonger? Hoppas det!

Jeremy? [SPOILERS]

Det här inlägget innehåller STORA spoilers till alla er som inte har sett alla avsnitt som har kommit ut i säsong 4!

TVLine has learned exclusively that Steven R. McQueen, whose Jeremy character perished in February at the hands of Katherine, will return to the CW series later this season.

But will the actor return as Jeremy? Or will immortal menace Silas take on the form of Elena’s little brother?
Of course, there’s also the possibility that Bonnie will finally make good on her plan to take down the veil separating the other side and bring back her ex. After all, a source tells TVLine that we might see a few familiar faces “drop in” before Season 4 ends on May 16.

Vampire Diaries - It's prom time!

While our prom had corsages, floor-length gowns we never wore again, and over-served minors vomiting in limos, it was still lacking something: vampires. The Mystic Falls crew won’t have that problem in an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries!

Back in September 2012, Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) told Entertainment Weekly that she’d love to do a prom episode. According to a new casting call from Cherrix Casting’s Facebook page, her wish is coming true. 
“Vampire Diaries is looking for extras to work our prom scene in Decatur, Ga. Wed Feb 26th, Thurs 27th, Fri 28th, and Mon Mar 4th,” the call reads. Based on our calculations, Season 4, Episode 19 should be filming around that time. It won’t air until mid-April, though — just in time for real-life proms. 

Question: Will it be tacky to wear a tiara while we watch the episode?

Ny promobild för säsong 4 + spoilers

Elena has lost a lot — her family, her sanity (temporarily), the Miss Mystic Falls pageant — but is her humanity really the next thing to go? Perhaps they’re referring to her new bloodsucker status... or maybe it’s not quite so literal. 

Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) seemed to think Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was the new vampire’s last tie to her old self, telling Damon that if Elena’s little brother were dead, she’d have no reason to become human again. 

Someone is leaving Mystic Falls — and we can see how losing Jer would send Elena over the edge.  

Then again, that’s not the lil’ Gilbert who’s lurking behind her...


Damon eller Jeremy..? Eller så är vi bara helt ute och cyklar. 


4x15 Stand By Me - bild

In "Stand By Me," Stefan, Elena, and Jeremy head back to Mystic Falls, where Caroline worries about Elena's state of mind. Stefan reaches out to Dr. Fell (Torrey DeVitto) and Matt (Zach Roerig) for help. Despite Somerhalder's bad luck with fictional islands (RIP, Boone), judging from the photo, it appears he'll get back safely...eventually. But at the beginning of the episode, he's still on the island and must relay the news to Rebekah that Elena is in some sort of danger. Later on, everyone freaks out when Bonnie tells them the rest of Shane's plan.



Nina Dobrev pratar om trion

"Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing. It's going to really affect every single person. It's going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way. The whole show is going to shift. It's going to be explosive."

- Nina Dobrev

Dagens gif(s) - A View To Kill (spoilers)

You killed my brother.

SPOILER ALERT! Nathaniel Buzolic twittrade

4x12 A View To Kill - spoilers

"In Season 4, Episode 12, “A View to a Kill,” the mayor, aka Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) dad, cancels the ‘80s Decade Dance, which promised to be the Fraggle Rock-iest of them all. Since Bex has a history of missing school dances, Stefan finds a way to recreate the magic, so she can still wear a Debbie Gibson-inspired ensemble."
- Wetpaint

4x10 After School Special - spoilers

Ever since we saw this sneak peek clip of Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special,” we’ve just wanted to hide under the covers with a tube of cookie dough and a worry stone. Rebekah (Claire Holt), what have you done with Caroline (Candice Accola)?!

Normally, we’d say nothing fatal could happen to the non-Original blond. Torture? Sure. A stake to the heart? No way. But now we’re not so sure. 

In the clip, Caroline wanders the halls of Mystic Falls High, ready to stake Bex. Instead, the Original sis finds Stefan (Paul Wesley). “I hope you’re not waiting for Caroline to show up and stake me,” she tells him. “Because I already found her.”

Menacing! But Caroline’s probably fine, right? Well, there are two reasons to worry: One, TVLine spoiled that the overachieving cheerleader might die, and two, Caroline isn’t in the next two synopses. 

Add to that the fact that a werewolf-version of Tyler (Michael Trevino) is on the loose, and it means that any number of Mystic Falls dangers could do-in Caroline. 

Want to borrow our worry stone? 
- Wetpaint

4x10 After School Special - spoilers

We’re not going to say we haven’t missed Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) — that face! — but we were pretty nervous when he showed up in a preview for Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special.” For one thing, he was eye-flirting the heck out of Bonnie (Kat Graham)!

Claire Holt (Rebekah) recently told Entertainment Weekly why Bex’s baby-faced bro is back in town. “He’s there to help Rebekah get the answers that she wants, and he brings Shane [David Alpay] to the school for questioning as well,” says Claire. “The result isn’t too great for Shane.” We get the feeling running into Kol is almost never ends well. 

So both Rebekah and Kol want the cure. Considering how Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has treated both his siblings, it seems unlikely they’ll hand it over so he can turn Elena (Nina Dobrev) human again. But will they really just destroy the cure and be done with it? Seems kind of anticlimactic.

Regardless, Mystic Falls is stuck with Kol for quite some time
- Wetpaint

4x10 After School Special - video


Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Is Stefan Moving On...

Next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries presents a lot of exciting opportunities. Originals are back in Mystic Falls, Jeremy is back in a wife beater, Rebekah wants revenge and so on. But there’s one thing that we are dying to see. Dying.

In eight days, Stefan and Elena will come face to face for the first time since he found out about her rendezvous with Damon. Based on the Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special” preview, in which Stefan tells Elena that she ripped his heart out, the younger Salvatore’s reaction is about what you’d expect: He’s angry, and he’s upset. But how is Stefan going to continue to deal with all of this Delena action?

TV Guide reports that Stefan’s spiral has only just begun. When he learns just how deeply Elena feels for Damon, he’s going to find himself in a dark place. But, luckily, there’s somewhere who wants to help him. She’s hot. And she’s a blonde.

The question is: Are we talking about some bestie bonding with Caroline, or is this another hot blonde?! Could Stefan find a rebound girl? Could it be Rebekah? Someone new?!

And if that’s the case, will Elena be able to handle seeing him move on?

4x10 After School Special - spoilers

We have a feeling that The Breakfast Club won’t have anything on The Vampire Diaries by the end of Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special.” After all, there’s a big difference between being kept in school by a principal and being kept in school by a very mad, very blond Original vampire.

And now, Zap2It has a first look at the inner workings of the school lockdown. The new photo shows Stefan, Elena, and Caroline together in the library. We’re not sure what they’re looking at, but we’re betting it has something to do with Rebekah, based on the scared and confused expressions on their faces. Is she making threats? Biting someone? Your guess is as good as ours! 

Outside the walls of the high school, Zap2It reports that Bonnie father, Rudy, will take over as interim mayor and find himself in an opportunity to prove how far he’ll go to protect his little girl. But who from? With Bonnie reportedly having to balance her father and Professor Shane, we’re betting we know the answer. We see a potential showdown in the making!

Back at the lakehouse, Klaus decides to help Damon train Jeremy by giving the new hunter a little motivation… Matt. Poor Matt, always being put in harm’s way. But don’t worry. Between Matt and Jer’s romance and the fact that Matt is human, we aren’t too scared for the blue-eyed human.

TVD Season 4 spoiler episode 10: Elena’s Loss and Guilt

Based on where we left off, the entire Vampire Diaries love triangle will be in shambles in Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special.” Not only will Stefan and Elena have some revelatory discussions while stuck in detention, but she’ll be missing Damon all the while. 

Hollywood.com spoke to executive producer Julie Plec, who said Elena is still caught between the Salvatores. “Elena's mindset is basically a combination of feeling a sense of loss of not being able to be around Damon and also this profound sense of guilt for how much she's hurt Stefan,” she explains. And it’s unlikely Stefan will make it easy on Elena: He’s seriously hurting

As for Damon, he’s preoccupied helping Jeremy finish up that tattoo — another thing that’s weighing heavily on Elena’s mind. "She's feeling very unsettled that she's not there where he is in helping him go through the motions to uncover the rest of his hunter marks,” Julie says. “So she's got a lot that she's concerned about."

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