Dagens bild - Nathaniel Buzolic

Forwood 4x14

Även om jag inte "shippar" Forwood så måste jag erkänna att den här scenen var hjärtkrossande.

Julie Plec pratar om Shane och Silas

"What we’ve seen about Silas in the caves is that he can appear as a hallucination. So the question is, is that what’s happening here? Or is he physically standing before [Bonnie]? Does he look like Shane? Is he taking on Shane’s form? What is going on? What is this guy capable of?
As far as we know, Shane on the island has met his terrible demise, although we did not see him take his last breath. You never know on this show.
Bonnie is being extremely controlled and manipulated right now by this Shane/Silas figure. We’ll see that escalate over the next several episodes to its breaking point."
- Julie Plec om Shane och Silas

TVDCastet @ 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party

I söndags, 24/2, var några av TVDCastet på 21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party.

Bilder från Oscars - On stage och backstage


Bilder från Oscars - Röda mattan

Röda mattan.

Dagens Bild

Gammal bild från inspelningen av Twilight

4x15 Stand By Me - Rehash

Nya posters - Catching Fire

Nya bilder för Catching Fire (THG). Kom ihåg att det är i november filmen kommer ut! Inte så långt kvar om året går snabbt ;)

J-Law vann på Oscarsgalan

Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) vann på Oscarsgalan. Hon vann för bästa kvinnlig huvudroll.
Grattis J-Law!

Grattis på födelsedagen Isabelle!

Idag fyller våran Clove ifrån THG (Isabelle Fuhrman) år och hon blir 16 år!

Wetpaint: Vampyrer i The Big Apple

What was New York City like in the ‘70s? We’ll soon find out on The Vampire Diaries

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will be our tour guide, according to what Julie Plec tells Entertainment Weekly. The show will flash back to the bell-bottom era, but don’t expect a disco inferno. 

Based on some casting spoilers, it sounds like the scene will be a little punkier. Damon relives a time in his life in the ’70s when he was not so well behaved,” says Julie Plec. 

Ah, Damon’s misspent eternal youth. 

Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon, and Rebekah (Claire Holt) will also road trip to modern day NYC. 

We’re not exactly sure what they’re doing there, but our guess is searching for the villainous Katherine (Nina Dobrev) — and hopefully buying some of those “I <3 NY” shirts for everyone they left back in Mystic Falls.

Bilder och porträtt på Maggie och Jed

Nina Dobrev via WhoSay

@ninadobrev: In bed with @kevwilliamson and @iansomerhalder #oscarweekend #anythingcanhappen

Nina Dobrev @ Independent Spirit Awards 2013

@ninadobrev: We won the INDIE SPIRIT AWARD!!!! #perksfamily !!!!!!

Joey Graceffa - THG

Joey Graceffa spelar bland annat in olika THG parodier på sin youtube kanal. Ovanför är en av flertal videor han har gjort om THG. HÄR -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD24tWfMoR8&list=PL616BF872CEB46353 <- är en annan låt. Jag tipsar stort att lyssna på dem, lyssna på texten!

4x16 Bring It On - promo

Major spoilers i denna promo för er som inte har sett alla avsnitt i USA's takt!
Det här avsnittet kommer att sändas den 14 mars så det kommer att bli en liten paus.

4x15 Stand By Me


Happy Birthday Zach Roering!


Grattis på födelsedagen Zach!

Vampire Diaries - It's prom time!

While our prom had corsages, floor-length gowns we never wore again, and over-served minors vomiting in limos, it was still lacking something: vampires. The Mystic Falls crew won’t have that problem in an upcoming episode of The Vampire Diaries!

Back in September 2012, Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) told Entertainment Weekly that she’d love to do a prom episode. According to a new casting call from Cherrix Casting’s Facebook page, her wish is coming true. 
“Vampire Diaries is looking for extras to work our prom scene in Decatur, Ga. Wed Feb 26th, Thurs 27th, Fri 28th, and Mon Mar 4th,” the call reads. Based on our calculations, Season 4, Episode 19 should be filming around that time. It won’t air until mid-April, though — just in time for real-life proms. 

Question: Will it be tacky to wear a tiara while we watch the episode?

4x14 Down the Rabbit Hole - rehash


Två nya bilder från "The Host"

4x15 Stand By Me - video

Happy Birthday Arielle Kebbel!


Grattis på födelsedagen Arielle!

Happy Birthday Malese Jow!


Grattis på födelsedagen Malese!

THG - Kids Choice Awards 2013

THG nominerad i Kids Choice Awards 2013.
Favorit Movie
• The Amazing Spider-Man
• The Avengers
• Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
Favorit Movie Actress
• Vanessa Hudgens (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island)
• Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers)
• Kristen Stewart (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2)
Favorite Female Buttkicker
• Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises)
• Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers)
• Kristen Stewart (Snow Whitw and the Huntsman)
Favorite Book
• Diary of a Wimpy Kid series
• Harry Potter series
• Magic Tree House series

Oscarsgalan: J-LAW

Våran vackra skådis Jennifer Lawrence är ju nominerad till Oscarsgalan. Men nu är det sagt att hon ska även dela ut ett pris. GO J-LAW, heh.

Jennifer Lawrence @ Conan

Den 5th februari var Jennifer Lawrence @ the conan show. Jag suger på att uppdatera här jo jag vet. Jag ska verkligen försöka få det bättre jag LOVAR. Men just denna vecka har vi ganska mycket i skolan och jag satsar stenhårt på betygen. Men eftersom mina "kolleger" (det lät kul) är så snälla och säger åt mig (ej sarkasm) så blir jag ju påmind att uppdatera.

nästa avsnitt (svensk takt) - 4x04 The Five

Missa inte 4x04 "The Five" på..

Dagens video - Let's find the cure

Dagens Bild.

4x15 Stand By Me - video

Nästa avsnitt (svensk takt) - 4x04 The Five

A FRAT PARTY AND A FLASHBACK TO 12TH CENTURY ITALY — Damon (Ian Somerhalder) goes with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) to visit Whitmore College, where Professor Shane (guest star David Alpay, “The Borgias”) is taking over the Occult Studies classes formerly taught by Bonnie’s grandmother. At a fraternity costume party, Damon takes advantage of the wild scene to give Elena a lesson in choosing a victim. Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) attempt to buy Matt’s (Zach Roerig) forgiveness falls flat, but she is intrigued by unexpected news from Klaus (Joseph Morgan). When Stefan (Paul Wesley) questions Klaus about Connor’s (guest star Todd Williams) motives, Klaus reveals a long-ago encounter with a powerful group of vampire hunters, but it’s Rebekah who delivers the information that stuns Stefan.
Missa inte!

4x15 Stand By Me - promo

SPOILER ALERT till alla er som inte har sett 4x14!

4x14 Down the Rabbit Hole

nytt från twitter: TWWT

Breaking Dawn part 2 DVD omslaget för Sverige.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag!

Ny promobild för säsong 4 + spoilers

Elena has lost a lot — her family, her sanity (temporarily), the Miss Mystic Falls pageant — but is her humanity really the next thing to go? Perhaps they’re referring to her new bloodsucker status... or maybe it’s not quite so literal. 

Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) seemed to think Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was the new vampire’s last tie to her old self, telling Damon that if Elena’s little brother were dead, she’d have no reason to become human again. 

Someone is leaving Mystic Falls — and we can see how losing Jer would send Elena over the edge.  

Then again, that’s not the lil’ Gilbert who’s lurking behind her...


Damon eller Jeremy..? Eller så är vi bara helt ute och cyklar. 


Ännu en säsong för Vampire Diaries

The first wave of The CW’s early pickups are in, and — naturally — The Vampire Diaries has been renewed for a Season 5. 

Arrow and Supernatural will also return for more seasons. Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, said in a statement, “We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit Arrow and fan favorite Supernatural on Wednesday night, and the continued success of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that.”

According to the press release,TVD is The CW’s highest rated series in target demographics, including adults 18-34 and women 18-34. Digitally and socially, the show is one of the network’s top-ranked as well. 

Now, all The CW has to do is make The Originals spin-off into a done deal, and we’ll be all set!

Taylor 21 today!

Grattis Taylor önskar vi från TheVampireGames.blogg.se!

4x14 Down the Rabbit Hole - video

Borttagen scen från BDP1


BD Part 1 - Extended DVD - Jacob throws Bowl at... by loveisaduel

Hillywood överraskar

Hilly från Hillywood skrev på sin fb.
"Editing + color grading scenes for Breaking Dawn Part 2 Parody...AND we thought we would leak you a surprise screen cap. YAY! ;)"


4x15 Stand By Me - bild

In "Stand By Me," Stefan, Elena, and Jeremy head back to Mystic Falls, where Caroline worries about Elena's state of mind. Stefan reaches out to Dr. Fell (Torrey DeVitto) and Matt (Zach Roerig) for help. Despite Somerhalder's bad luck with fictional islands (RIP, Boone), judging from the photo, it appears he'll get back safely...eventually. But at the beginning of the episode, he's still on the island and must relay the news to Rebekah that Elena is in some sort of danger. Later on, everyone freaks out when Bonnie tells them the rest of Shane's plan.



4x14 Down the Rabbit Hole - promo

4x13 Into The Wild

Klicka bara på det lilla X-et bredvid "Close Advertisement" och njut av avsnittet!

BDP2 DVD:en menyer

Dagens Bild

Musiken till "The Host"

Namnen på låtarna verkar vara följande:
Another Brother
Inner Space
Soul Inside

Nina Dobrev pratar om trion

"Something happens in the near future, something pretty tragic and terrible and kind of show changing. It's going to really affect every single person. It's going to especially affect Damon, Elena and Stefan in a pretty crazy, controversial way. The whole show is going to shift. It's going to be explosive."

- Nina Dobrev

4x12 A View To Kill - rehash

4x15 Stand By Me - bilder

Dagens Bild

Nina Dobrev och Ian Somerhalder @ Celebrity Beach Bowl 2013

Den 2 februari så var Nina och Ian och spelade fotboll i New Orleans. Tävlingen hölls i DTV SuperFan Stadium. Förra året så deltog ju Candice Accola med Nina men de var inte heller i samma lag.

Nina, Ian, Paul och Torrey @ DirecTV Super Bowl Party

Julie Plec pratar om Caroline

“Caroline will find herself stuck in the middle of the terrible tensions between Klaus and Tyler, leading her to put her own life on the line to try to resolve their issue.”

- Julie Plec

Så.. Caroline kommer alltså att råka illa ut? Ojoj..

Dagens gif(s) - A View To Kill (spoilers)

You killed my brother.

SPOILER ALERT! Nathaniel Buzolic twittrade

4x12 A View To Kill

A View To Kill.. Men vem dödar.. Och vem dör?