The Vampire Diaries' Biggest Liars of Season 4

Lying has always been an integral part of the Mystic Falls dynamic, and Season 4 is no exception. But which characters rank as the biggest liars thus far?

ShaneFrom day one, this guy has been lying. Much of his lying comes about through the act of omission. He stays busy by not telling Bonnie that Expression is the worst thing ever, not telling us why he really wants to resurrect Silas, and not telling anyone who he’s working with at any given moment. He might be hot, but boy is he a liar.

Hayley: At first, we thought Hayley was just some chick Tyler hung out with in the woods. Then she slowly became his slightly annoying werewolf friend who was helping him unsire hybrids. And then it turned out that she was working with Shane, who we’ve already established as the ultimate liar. Plus, she got all the hybrids killed. Needless to say, we do not trust this chick.

Damon and ElenaIf we’re being honest, Damon and Elena are two of the biggest liars this season. The two of them have been lying to Stefan about everything to do with their relationship since their dance (and more) in front of the fireplace. We take that back. They’ve been lying since they dirty danced together, if not before.

Tyler: Tyler spent the first half of Season 4 unsiring hybrids and plotting a revolution against Klaus. He was lying the entire time, albeit for a good cause. Plus, there was the whole pretending-to-cheat-on-Caroline thing, but that hardly counts. Basically, Tyler was lying to protect the people he loves/loved. We still trust him, but we doubt Klaus feels the same.

KlausOK, we aren’t exactly sure what Klaus has directly lied about thus far, but we get the feeling that he knows way more than he’s telling us. He fessed up about The Five and the cure and all that, but at any point in time, Klaus is lying about something … even if it’s just his feelings for Caroline.
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